The importance of peers for compliance with norms of fair sharing
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In good times and bad – Reciprocal behavior at the workplace in times of economic crises
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(joint with Neele Siemer, Economic Inquiry 54, 2016, 1188-1201)

The incentive effects of missions – Evidence from experiments with NGO employees
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Working papers

Because of you I did not give up – How peers affect perseverance
(joint with Christina Gravert)

Grit trumps talent? An experimental approach
(joint with Christina Gravert)

I (don’t) like you – but who cares? Gender differences in same sex and mixed sex teams (joint with Michael Kosfeld)

Measuring responsiveness to feedback as a personal trait
(joint with Thomas Buser and Joël van der Weele,
invited to be revised and resubmitted at the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty)

Pre-vote communication and group conflict: Deliberation versus top-down communication (joint with Jordi Brandts and Lydia Mechtenberg)

Work in progress

Behavioral correlates of academic performance – Evidence from a student panel
(joint with Michael Kosfeld and Maíra Sontag Gonzalez)

Performance Beliefs and Allocation of Teamwork: An Experiment (joint with Alexander Coutts and Zahra Murad)