Responsiveness to feedback as a personal trait (joint with Thomas Buser and Joël van der Weele, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 56, 2018, 165-192)

The importance of peers for compliance with norms of fair sharing (joint with Simon Gächter and Daniele Nosenzo, European Economic Review, 97, 2017, 72-86)

In good times and bad – Reciprocal behavior at the workplace in times of economic crises (joint with Matthias Heinz, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 134, 2017, 228-239)

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The incentive effects of missions – Evidence from experiments with NGO employees and students (European Economic Review, 79, 2015, 252-262)

Working papers

I (don’t) like you – but who cares? Gender differences in same sex and mixed sex teams (joint with Michael Kosfeld – conditionally accepted for publication at The Economic Journal)

Because of you I did not give up – Peer effects in perseverance (joint with Christina Gravert)
(Replaces the former working papers “Because of you I did not give up  – How peers affect perseverance” and “Grit trumps talent? An experimental approach”)

Deliberative Structures and their Impact on Voting Behavior under Social Conflict (joint with Jordi Brandts and Lydia Mechtenberg)

Performance Beliefs and Allocation of Teamwork: An Experiment [online appendix] (joint with Alexander Coutts and Zahra Murad)


Work in progress

Behavioral correlates of academic performance – Evidence from a student panel (joint with Maíra Sontag Gonzalez)

Is Compensation Fine? Sanction Regimes and their Effects on Deterrence and Trust (joint with Pieter Desmet and Franziska Weber)

Testing social norms as predictors for sharing behavior in experimental dictator games (joint with Simon Gächter and Daniele Nosenzo)

Judging a book by its cover? The role of attractiveness in a bargaining situation (joint with Luise Görges and Gerd Mühlheußer)

The role of confidence and personal characteristics in bargaining  – evidence from a German TV show (joint with Luise Görges and Gerd Mühlheußer)